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Yeah. There's rules. I know. Deal with it, kthx.

1. The Golden Rule when it comes to icon making. HOTLINK AND YOU DIE.
2. Um. The Second Golden Rule. STEAL AND YOU DIE.
3. Credit me and you'll live a long, healthy life. =D
4. Don't you dare edit my icons/banners/etc. without my okay. If you do? Erik keels you.
5. All of my creations stay. On. Livejournal. PERIOD. No, I don't mean some ripoff of LJ. Not Xanga. Not GreatestJournal. LIVE. JOURNAL. kthxbye.
6. Please comment if you take something. IBEGYOU. It makes my day so much more better! :D
7. When you comment, PLEASE STAY ON SUBJECT, WHICH ARE MY ICONS/GRAPHICS. It REALLY pisses me off when someone doesn't stay on subject. It makes me feel bad about myself. ><;; Don't comment on someone elses icon or whatnot, don't ask questions that ask about something other than my graphics. These comments WILL be deleted, but you'll be warned before hand. Three strikes and you're banned.

And that's all you have to do! It's not that bad, is it? You'll follow them, yes?

You: *tied up at the moment with a Punjab and a rather menacing looking Erik glaring at you* MMPHFFFF!

I knew you'd agree. ^___^

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aiken_4graphics by lastyearswishes
_ashenicons by ashlin_hahn
poolmusic by spins
____burnthepast by shiz_party_boy
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brokenicons_ by brokenagain
brokenmaskicons by roccapriori
dawnoflove by Pigwidgeon superciliary
distant_day by skyblue929

fauxicons by arromanches
her_glow by shortiegirl06
hiril_alatariel by anolinde
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hourglass_icons by _ensoleille
iconamore by aerisu
iconic_harmony by thereflections
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jeweled_icons by broadwayheathy
_leahsicons1_ by amottie86
mindthe_ by london_freak
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mouthshut_x by whitememories
_oddities by beckslfd
thewaytobegin by firstday_icthus

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